Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stash Busting Monday #5

I know, I skipped last week's post of Stash Busting ....
that was because I didnt really work on anything~ that got finished.
I started cutting fabrics for the cushions in the trailer.
I started making leg warmers that I promised my cousin in a swap.
I started some summer skirts for myself.
I even continued to work on my blanket.
but didnt finish anything.

so today, my stash busting.... I can share some of the finished things!
oh wait...
Everything is still all in the workings.
my down fall is that I have started to many things.... and havent finished one....
but, thinking about it.. I have cut about 19 yards of fabric.... which in turn has cleared out a huge chunk of my fabric stash.
cushion fabric~ all organized

Summer skirts. waiting for  hems and elastic
off to sew some more....


  1. That counts too Tif! Getting started is half the problem...can't wait to see these all finished though, love the fabrics! xx

  2. EM~ sadly- I have no problem starting... its the finishing that takes me a while!