Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a Day at Nike

we were invited last year, and the kids talk about it all the time.
We got invited again this year....
and we couldn't pass it up!
Nike has an event for children with Autism~ and they pull together volunteers, resources, and organized games for the kids to take part in. The volunteers out number the kids by 3 to 1 (at least) and they step up, take charge and let the parents... really step back and watch.  This allows parents to meet other families, gain support, and just watch their kids enjoy basketball, NikeTurf Field (which is made of shredded tennis shoes!) and the pool.
Its enough to make you dread when it ends... because they really love on your kids for the day~ and as a parent, we don't get to see things like that often.

Point~ BJORN

team encouragement
if you have a body~ you ARE an athlete

a close up of the smile.... beauty!

 you know, I tip my hat to Nike.... without fail.... you have made a little boy very happy!  I got to see some smiles.... genuine smiles.... of a boy who really was enjoying his life.  and enjoying this day. Thank you.

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