Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making steps forward... and also steps back.

We have been keeping ourselves out and about town this summer.
Playing in the sprinklers,
Bowling for free,
$1 kids movies,
Library books,
Pool diving,
Beach days,
Nature walks,
Playing baseball at the park,
Roller Skating
each day- moving forward.... having fun!
But also... its been a time that I have been stepping back and reflecting on how much the boys have grown.  How they have changed.... become more independent, started to express interests and ideas that are different from mine, and really started to not need me around to hold their hand.

Every so often, as we sit together in the mornings ( I, of course, with a cup of coffee in my hands).... I try to steal a kiss, a snuggle, and maybe even a hand holding or two.
I love these days.... and hate these days.


  1. My 'baby' now towers over me but still climbs into bed for a story every morning...I'm with you on that love/hate thing...I'm just making the most of every single precious moment. (its why things are somewhat quiet around at mine at the moment!) Keep enjoying those good bits! xx

  2. What a fabulous, great summer! And congrats for helping your boys grow in a great direction. Independence is a gift and not always easy for mommy but the nicest thing you can do. Welcome to Autumn, I hope it gives you some time for you.