Thursday, August 23, 2012

pooped out making pops!

Yesterday I spent the WHOLE day making about 70 large cake pops.  
I love these sweet treats~ but the work that goes into them, can be exhausting. 

A friend of mine asked me to make them for her rehearsal dinner tonight.... I was thinking, rehearsal dinner~ 25/30 cake pops.... sure, no problem.  So when the count was over 50~ I about gasped! After working almost all day on them~ by the evening time I called in the troops (thanks Karie!)~ and we had a dipping party last night into the wee hours..... we were on a "roll" with all the "bad" ball jokes at 10pm.
These puppies are the size of a regular cupcake.... a tad larger than usual, but with all that goodness~ bigger is always better!
The yellow ones are yellow cake and cream cheese...
where as the chocolate ones are pure dark chocolate!
I prefer the chocolate...
but once again... that is not shocking!
I had a few moments of trouble shooting.... like 40 minutes after dipping... some began to crack and others began to "sweat".... but the great thing about living in our world today, a search on the internet allowed me to figure out the problem and move forward, with my fingers crossed.
:: today's challenge~ delivery to the city during rush hour traffic!::


  1. Oh my you like to live life dangerously! Having read your next post first, I know they got there safely - well done girl!!

  2. You know I have never made cake pops... My daughter keeps asking me....