Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the Back To School Bug

no.. no... I'm not sick....
but, I have this uneasy feeling....
much like the one I get when things just seem out of place.

you know... the declutter/ cleaning bug... That seems to posses me at times.
I went back to last year's posts... and I found that the bug hit me then... too.
I decluttered and super cleaned the kids rooms~ just before school started.

but, this year.... today, even....
its like I need to ransack the whole house.  Especially the bathrooms.  Sadly, the bathrooms gets the most neglected (and the dirtiest) when the kids are home for summer.

The bug hit me... and hit me hard... last night.
O's room~ needed some serious TLC.

So I moved his bed, dresser and shelves. Wiped down his walls and base boards.  Washed all bedding and curtains.  Got rid of (at least) a bag full of things he calls "stuff" but I tend to call "crap" (sorry mom, the real word that I would have used... probably would have offended you even more!).  Pictures will be posted tomorrow (when all is complete and finished... still some small bits and pieces to do).

Today~ I am tackling a top to bottom bathroom scrub! (using some great Pinterest finds)
I plan to use this recipe for the "boy smell"  around the toilet
along with this homemade soft scrub recipe for the grime and goo in the toilet and around the sink.

I'm going in....
wish me luck!

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  1. NO WAY!!! This is what I did all day yesterday and today was Round Two. I really should take some time to blog about it. Instead I just snapped Instagram photos. I'm lazy in a social media kinda way but not when it comes to getting rid of the grime!! You go get em!