Friday, October 12, 2012

Our own apples

A few years back we planted two column apple trees.
The first year we got fruit... and it was really sweet.
the next two years we got nothing... but moths.
But this year,
the fruit is beautiful, sweet, and big.
and this girl was very very happy!

I made THESE Apple Dumplings for a group of friends coming over.
of course, I didn't take pictures...
after I told myself many many times... "DON'T FORGET to take pictures"
but, usually, those are the moments that my memory fades... and fades fast!
Trust me....
the Pioneer Woman knows what she's talking about...
these babies are TO DIE FOR!

you have got to make them...
go now,
get some apples off that darn tree in your backyard,
buy a can of Mountain Dew ( I know, gross right!)
and LOTS of butter!


  1. I've seen this recipe but am turned off by the Mountain Dew, but may have to try it now :)

  2. I know... I hesitated too... I am not a fan of the drink in the first place.... but, the curiosity paid off! maybe its all the butter and cinnamon.... but, it was yummers!