Saturday, October 13, 2012

reliving the summer

Today.... is day two of our new weather pattern... RAIN.
I know your saying "new! the pacific northwest is known for its rain!"
yes, yes we are....
but this year we have had very little of it since early May.
Our summer has been full of even temperatures and sunshine has graced the land of hazelnuts, wine and berries.  It has left me with only 4 green tomatoes (shocking!) and given me 2 cycles of veggies from my garden.  I had the greatness of fun in the garden this year.
but yesterday.... yesterday....
was the beginning of the end of it all.
I am excited for fall rains to start.... yet (surprisingly) kinda sad to really see this summer go.
So today's post  is to cherish the summer....
my boys~ outside of Yosemite
me and my littles
We were moving and grooving this summer with great trips, camping, and loads of fun.... resulting in not blog posting much.

the backside of Half Dome, Yosemite
B... planting a tree (or a stick and putting leaves on it)
O and a big  Sequoia, Yosemite
This has been (honestly) the sweetest summer for us.  With all the great successes with B and his diet changes, his supplements, his new found comforts in relating with his brother, and just overall growth ~ don't get me wrong, he still had some really tough moments ( some doozies!)~ but, he was able to move through it.... and I was able to allow others to look on and not feel judged (people... that is huge progress!). In the end... results were in experiences that glued us together as a family.... closer and more valuable.  I have to say, for me, the key was in listening to B and his needs for that moment.  Listening to his demeanor, his body, his hesitation, his being.... listening to not just his words... but to his need for solitude, for calm, for understanding.  And then taking that need~ and honoring it... 
 Yes, there were times, that I stayed back with him... from a bike ride, or a hike.
Yes, there were times where he sat in the car as his brother worked on a craft at a local store or enjoyed a frozen yogurt (people... dont freak~ I stayed near the car, checked on him tons, and had my eyes and ears closed in).

summer at the pool
concerts in the park (B eating his home brought GF/CF dinner)
Portland Cello Project at Zoo Concerts
(see the grey shirt in the middle- having  a BLAST!... that 's my boy)
B and O both zip-lined in Mammoth, CA
Grandpa, dad and O~ early fishing
the catch of the day from Mammoth Lakes
Panning for Gold
Moose in Yellowstone, Wyoming
But for us.... with both boys older.... and maturing.... the summer was one of adventure and memories.  Special moments that I have been dreaming for since they both entered my life~ and since B's diagnosis... I wasn't sure we'd have.
I learned how to truly listen to my son... and he learned how to enjoy experiences.
I'd say that is a win-win....for both/all of us.

Nature Camps (local)
Paddle boarding together ~ Lake Washington, WA
(oh man, that was a weird little ramble.... sheeesh, and all I was thinking was posting some forgotten summer photos..... hmmm.... I sometimes have a lot to say.... woopsies!)

dad and mom~ photo credits to O


  1. Hurray for a fun summer! Isn't is amazing when you finish a day and think, "Huh. That was almost normal!" Praise God for giving your family some sweet time together :)

  2. I love this post! I am so glad that your summer worked out so great, the smiles from all of you say it all! Keep on doing what you are doing, you are doing such a fantastic job...xx

  3. Looks lovely and adventurous! Making me nostalgic for summer too!

  4. Nice summer recap-- you guys were busy and those kiddos will have great memories.