Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ECO THINK CLUB Sustainability week 2

This week in the after school class were are talking about decomposition.... or just trash in general.
As well as the things that are needed to decompose things.... AIR and HEAT.

We will talk about how much trash and what kinds of trash is generated per household.  Where it goes next from the curb.... and what that means within the confines of sustainability.

using this image from this website.

We will then discuss what we can do to just reduce our trash....
what can that look like in our homes....
One of the biggest things we can do is reduce the use of plastics....
discuss the water bottle and options.
discuss the plastic bag and options. we will watch this "mocumentary" film of the plastic bag in the wild.

ending the class with the making of our own "bags" out of an old T-shirt.
This should be fun.....

aftermath photos will be added soon.
wish me luck!

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