Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday bucket

so last year, on my 40th birthday I wrote out a bucket list.  I found it was a great experience for me to put down in words things that I want to do.. could do... and should do.  I re-read it last night and saw that I can start to cross off some on the list...
as well as, maybe add a few more.

so, in celebration of being 40 plus 1
I bring you the updated bucket list.
  1. experience family life (or should a say... doing!)
  2. travel through South France (Provence area)
  3. Travel through Greece and Italy (the whole Mediterranean area, really!)
  4. Live in a flat in the Netherlands
  5. tour and sing with a band
  6. Open a small restaurant that serves homemade baked goods and soups.
  7. enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ride (I will do it this year!)
  8. be a mentor to college kids 
  9. volunteer at an orphanage/medical center in Africa.
  10. knit a sweater
  11. teach piano lessons
  12. have lunch with Colin Firth
  13. see O ~ Cirque De Soleil
  14. hang out in Hawaii with Jack Johnson and his family.
  15. Take the kids to Walt Disney World
  16. visit the Grand Canyon
  17. be a host mom (a billet) for a Portland WinterHawk's hockey player.
  18. snowboard in Whistler, BC (or just hang out in the village)
  19. win big in LasVegas, NV
  20. visit and dwell with the Amish community for a weekend or two.
  21. London, England
  22. learn to spin wool.
  23. take a pastry class at Western Culinary (registration starts in Fall~ looked at the schedule)
  24. go to a NHL Stanley Cup finals game
  25. work on a local farm for a week during the springtime. ( doing this Spring)
  26. be on the Martha Stewart Show (okay-so this one if far fetched~ due to her show being cancelled this season!)
  27. learn the ukulele ( got one for Christmas 2012 and am plucking away!)
  28. graduate from college
  29. Niagara Falls, New York
  30. Snowboard in Mammoth,CA
  31. own chickens
  32. walk the streets of Dublin, Ireland (in platforms ~ and tripped!)
::Now adding::.
33. Volunteer for Pacific Whale Foundation
34. Beekeeping
35. visit with a blogging friend, in person!
36. learn to make leftse
37. sleep in an overnight train
38. sit in the audience of a live TV show
39. try glassblowing
40. horseback ride on the beach

   "Life is either a daring adventure 
or nothing at all"
~Helen Keller 


  1. Great list! Wow there is some exciting stuff on there :D

    1. Ems- you saw that I could kill two birds with one stone.... by visiting you!!!! didn't you????