Sunday, January 20, 2013

I did give myself 10 days...

to repost... I did!

so, there are all sorts of little things going on... but they are very repetitious and small that blogging about them seems silly.  But I now have a few things to share (that are worthy of a blog post!)....

Early this month of January we went to Seaside, OR... a quiet and cute little coastal town... for a few days after the first of the year.  It was rainy and chilly... but it kept tourists a bay, and we had an amazing time.  The boys swam, ate salt water taffy... and we walked everywhere (except the time we drove on the beach!!).  It was so so so so nice.  I strongly recommend going on a vacation just after the first of the year~ because everyone is just coming home from the holidays... and you will find you have the whole place to yourself.


  1. Oh what a treat! (and great advice!)

  2. My husband always talks about taking winter vacations when he was a kid... these "vacations" were just 40 minutes down the road to a Holiday Inn with a pool, but it was a break from the snow and it was always fun :)