Tuesday, February 12, 2013

there is a word.

There is a word...
a word that has been floating around me lately.
that has been in my head...
in my heart...
just really... everywhere.

so much so, that I have really begun to reflect on it.... 
praying my life oozes what this word is.

KIND. /kīnd/
adj.  having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature.

noun.  a kind act.

I watch the ELLEN SHOW... every morning.... I record it, and once the kids are off to school, with a cup of coffee in hand I watch her.  I adore the first 10 minutes... Many times I am laughing so hard~ my side aches with genuine joy.... My husband knows that if its 9am, and I am busting up in laughter I am doing one of two things. 

  1.  Talking with my friend Kristin (one of the kindest people I know) on the phone or
  2. watching ELLEN.
Ellen always ends her show with these words " BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER".
and every time (honestly- EVERY TIME!) she says that... I imagine a world who would embrace just those simple words.
I was raised by parents who embraced kindness.  Who taught empathy and giving to others.  I watched as RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS were just a simple act  in everyday life.  My dad~ was probably one of the most beautiful givers of kindness I had the privilege to be around.

KINDNESS.  you see, for me.... the word kindness is very much a word that involves action.... motion... a seeking out of.  Your heart is the leading force of kindness... and as your heart is open to others, so is your ability to act.  Its those little tugs of "I think", "I wish", or "Maybe one days" that begin to change to "I will", I can" and "today is the day".... those actions that speak louder than words.  
the more silent the action.... the louder the gift of kindness.

I reflect...BE KIND.

I long to seek out KINDNESS.
because it matters.

I pray that one day... someone will use that word...                  
                                                        to describe me.

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