Friday, June 21, 2013

Bringing in Music

as many of you know...
I am a piano teacher.
I have been teaching 18 students out of my home for the past 6 years.
It basically was keeping my teaching feet wet... without all the progress reports, staff meetings and curriculum broo-haha of teaching in a school.
I love teaching.  I love being around other kids~ but I hated the busy work of being a teacher. I took piano lessons for 8 years as a child, and have kept those skills sharpened through the, when it came to teaching~ piano lessons was a easy thing for me to do~ and love!

Last year my son's principal approached me about a pilot history of music program to bring into the school.  Oh man, I loved the idea!  Music history is an amazing aspect of our society~ and music has changed so dramatically over the years... that I was excited to take on this program.  

So, where have I been over the past months???
Well, I have been in my son's school.
Training volunteers,
Organizing a system that works for the program,
making sure every teacher had the program brought to their classroom,
distributing incentives to the students,
and following up with the program creators.

It was an amazing program~ but, it was also... time consuming.  As one who lives in a life of simplicity~ to have all this time devoted to such a huge endeavor was really difficult.  My plate wasn't overflowing... but I felt like it was meeting the maximum of my daily intake... that's for sure.

Alongside the feelings of difficulty~ was also the feelings of contentment.  I had found a niche for me~ that fit my personality and passion.  It was extremely fulfilling for my soul to be doing this thing, that I loved!  I can honestly say that my inner being was thrilled to be doing this program... to be giving of my time, my energies, and my passions towards educating children on music... was perfect for me.  It brought a smile through and through in a way that I had not anticipated.

It was about time... I have spent so much of my recent years focused on family, parenting, and advocating for my boy~ that the spark of my self was sometimes just a glimmer...  It sure was great to really see a place where I fit... and was able to shine a bit.  
Two days ago I spoke of a season~ a season of change, of excitement, of passions, and twists and turns.  Yesterday was the twist into the world of homeschooling (which was something I never thought I would do).  Today you heard about the passion I found through bringing children music.
I told you~ it was a remarkable season... and there is still more to share....
see why blogging was not being done.
I was out learning what to blog about!

To learn more about the program I was sharing with the school  visit


  1. Wow! No wonder things have been quiet here - so glad you are having such a great time! xx