Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Orange you glad

I finally did it.
I went orange.

I have been longing to paint my front door a different color for a long time.... Actually, since we moved here 9 years ago.  In California, we had our door a cherry red color (with the exterior paint colors of  light blue with medium blue trim).  I loved it, the red was just perfect.

Here our house is a light grey with white trim and the door was a dark blue.  I liked the dark blue, but it just didn't quite do it for did look nice.  A few years back I found this photo online via Better Homes and Gardens and PINNED it for later.  Then I came across this photo of an orange door  with a dark grey exterior- and knew....this was the route I wanted to go.  PINNED it for later, again.

I bought the perfect color of paint Benjamin Moore's Soft Pumpkin (its a smidge softer of an orange than the photos~ but perfect for me and my little door!). It was $7 for a sample can, which was plenty for 3 coats on a door.
We waited for a blazing hot day...which came, without fail.  Took the door down and painted one coat of primer, and three coats of orange.  A few hours later- a door of orange was hung.  And my heart sung with happiness.  taa~daaa!

Now, when we have the budget to paint the whole house a dark grey....  but until then, this simple change made a huge difference.
feeling the love for the orange!!!!
(oh by the way, please dont tell me its peach.... Its NOT peach!)

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