Wednesday, August 7, 2013

at lunch today

I had lunch with a fabulous friend.... at an amazing restaurant ( to be honest, any restaurant without my kids in tow... is amazing!) but, this restaurant was, also, tasty good.

so after lunch we were walking around a few of the stores in the area and she and I were just talking.
Talking about parenting, books we are reading,  the weekend we just had.  Talking about the life changes coming our way, our perspectives on how life is different from when we were kids,
 the things that were have learned about ourselves 
as we have grown over the years.

I began thinking after our time together.  How lucky I am.
Friendships are very interesting.
some are short.
some are long~lost.
most are simple.
a couple are complicated.
some are never changing.
many are shallow.
few are deep.
Yet, each one is valuable.

Friendships like the one I have with K.
I feel loved, cared for, humored,
honored, valued,
and most importantly~

all that from lunch. (that, and a full belly!)

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  1. SO very glad you got some friend-time at a lovely restaurant :) And so glad that she brings out the best in you!