Monday, August 19, 2013

trailer up!

Ruby has been out about about this summer.  The kids have been enjoying the new camping sites and experiences that have decided to go on.  This last weekend it was out to the coast, south of Newport, Or.  to South Beach State Park.  

Newport, Oregon    2013
First off, when I booked the site~ it was the only site left.... and this campground was HUGE and apparently pretty popular.  After arriving, I now know why it is so popular.  This place is amazing!  Everything is accessible by bike.  Flat, easy going, family friendly bike riding.  Once your on the beach there is a jetty, that when timed right, you see starfish, sea urchin, and all sorts of water life.  The sea lions where starting to arrive~ so their barking can be heard at all hours.  Kites are flying.  Rocks and shells are picked up.  The water is very cold....and the wind is dry and warm.  Just the perfect spot.  Newport's Oregon Aquarium and the Marine Life Science Center are a 2 mile bike ride down a bike trail. You pass the Rouge Brewery, on the way, which is a perfect place to stop for lunch ( and a good beer!).  In the harbor area of town, over the beautiful bridge, you have all the little beach shops and a few surprises in this small main street.  And one must not forget to visit the lighthouses.  Really.... This area can entertain and keep you busy for a while.


on the beach together

 It looks like this was a winning trip for our camping adventures.
Care to join us next year?

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