Monday, September 23, 2013

And then there was one.

A few weeks back, Sweetie met a saddened demise when a bird dog was doing what it was trained to do.
I attempted to her nurse back, but failed miserably.
and so we are down to one.

Our sweet Kevin.
I will be out to get new birds to add to the Coop of Good Fortune ( which, by the way, has NOT lived up to it's name) at the end of the month.  The chicken lady ( I think she has a first name...) says I need to let Kevin grieve the loss and come to a place of loneliness.   The uncertain part is Kevin seems to be loving the freedom of having the whole garden of worms and bugs all to herself.... I never see a tear shed, or a saddened look on her face.  
(yes, that is me mocking the idea of a chicken grieving).

We are now thinking of changing the coops name to Little House on the Homestead... and naming the new birds Laura, Mary and Almonzo.  
as always...
keeping it real here at the homestead.

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