Monday, September 2, 2013

Bend, OR

Last weekend we went to Bend with some family friends.  The photo above is of the view from our balcony.  I can tell you that K, our menfolk, and I spent much of our time listening to the river as it rushed by....  once a pod of kayaks attempted the rapids, but much of the time the rushing water lulled me into a trance that had me never wondering what time or day it was... not a worry in the world.  The kids were entertained with each other.... and the place felt like a dream.  The kids spent much of the days in the pool... getting out only to travel out with the menfolk to the Lava River Caves.   When asking the kids what they liked best~ 3 of the 4 said "the caves"...(the 4th said "the pool") so the assumption is that venture out was pretty cool.  I would not know, because I was out with K sipping wine and savoring baked brie ( yet, you will not hear me complaining!).  

 After our nourishment, we attempted to find a pedicure spot.... after 5 tries... we settled on another wine bar to brighten our spirits~ instead of our toes (once again... still not complaining!). 
::note to self::Saturday late-afternoons are not a good time to find unscheduled pedicures.  
but a perfect time to find a wine bar!

I am now beginning to wonder the etiquette before I can ask our friends to go on a vacation together again.... is "as we are leaving"... to soon????
Lava Caves (a bad photo- but that is what you get in poor lighting!)

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