Saturday, September 14, 2013

first days... two weeks late

I am knee deep in figuring out this homeschooling thing.
hours and hours go by.... and the night comes on quick.
I am tired ( oh yes, I am tired!).
But two weeks in, and I think we have a good set of guidelines, a decent structure, and a direction.
Some days are LONG ( too long!)
but, the long days are cushioned with great easy days.
"They" (the infamous they) say to give it a good three months to get into the swing of things....
so being two weeks in...
I am in it for the long haul.

First days of school.
a 3rd grader and 5th grader

B is excited for third grade.  He couldn't wait to see his friends.  He struggled with some large motor "tics"... you know, the typical ones we get when he has changes or unknowns ahead... but they have dwindled down this week.  Hopefully next week they will be every so often... and started into a new normal.  He had the massive meltdown on Thursday night.... whhosh! it was a doozy.  But, Friday was the last day of school for that week.... and we made sure the weekend was super calm, mellow and B directed.  He is really doing well.  He maintains much of his composure during school hours... which is a big deal for us.  He will soon be in a groove and third grade will be a fun year for him.

O is working hard.  The work load that he has keeps him busy.  Both of us are still trying to navigate the program and the structure.  He is getting use to being home. I am getting use to him being home.  The first week it was weird having him in all of my "business".... really weird.  We now have some rules about me being on the phone, What it means when I am doing something and to be patient, and how to start being responsible for your own work.  I know that as we move on~ it will be easier for him to just get things done for himself.... but this is a huge adjustment.... HUGE!  If you ask him how it's going... He says he loves it (let's hope that keeps up!).

but the first days are done... and we are moving through September quick.
I would even say... tooo quick!


  1. Oh sounds both fun and scary! Thinking of you and those easier days ahead! :D

  2. My dad's wife just retired from Connections...great program!