Wednesday, December 4, 2013

that time of year.

our season of thanks is a week behind us.... and the wonderful season of hope and anticipation is now here.
I have been gradually taking out the fall leaves and pumpkins and replacing them with evergreens and lights.  it is the beauty in this moment that I love the simplicity of life we live.

our home is calm, and at times, so comfy that I snuggle in a blanket and never want to move.
a chill has taken over the skies, and the clouds are no longer around...
this morning it was 20 degrees and crystal clear.

today I am teaching my EcoThink Kids how to make salt dough ornaments....
and while I was looking around on PINTEREST finding a recipe and ideas~ I kept coming across these wonderful photos of coziness.

Knit Cottage Slipper Socks. Free pattern here:

 Ignoring the fact that I have to go out in the cold crisp air....
I think I just may stay in my wool socks and flannel shirt all day...

would you like to share this cup of cider with me?
cozy blanket, warm fire, coffee...just add a good book and crack the window on a perfect autumn day

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