Wednesday, November 20, 2013

pay it forward.... crafty style

a friend.... who I have never met (yes, we bloggers know how that happens)...
I call her Ems (although, I don't know if she likes that or not!)
but, Ems had a craftiness pay it forward kinda dealio many months back....
and well, I love her and her talents... so I said "sign me up!" and... then...forgot about it.

last week I was sick, in bed and a beautifully wrapped up package arrived with some great overseas stamps on it...and I knew that within moments my spirits would be lifted.

and they were.
I opened the package and out poured all sorts of crafty fun.
yarn, beads,wood buttons, fabrics, a cute pin, a book (about chickens... a memoir of sorts!) and a lovely book bag.  
lots of handmade beauty...
for me!

and now it is my turn...
my turn to pay it forward...
I need three people to sign up to receive a handmade package from me and in turn they must be willing to pay it forward to three more people when their turn arrives.  You have 365 days to make and send your package and I am looking forward to making some packages over the next year to make someone else just as happy as I was when I received this one.

The first three people to email me at tiffers72"at" msn "dot" com will hear from me in the next week or so and then it will be time for me to start working on my crafty magic.  

When you least expect it... a sweet surprise will be found in your mailbox!  

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  1. I'm glad it got there safe! And at just the right time by the sounds of it! :D