Saturday, November 16, 2013

ombre~ness cowl

knitters... well... they have lots of yarn.
many of you crafty people out there read that sentence... and totally chuckled... because... well, because, you know how true it is.
If you ask my family they would say I have yarn all over the place ( I disagree with them... but at times I wonder if they may be "a tiny bit" right.).
my container of yarn is bursting at the seams... even with all my stash busting that I have been working on all year....
one day I was looking through my stash... and found something pretty cool
( no it wasn't a larger container to store my yarn... but that would have been pretty cool too!)
I had three colors that seemed to have practically been next to each other on the color wheel, each very similar in softness and weight, and in the perfect amounts to create something with.
With my trusty bamboo needles and the knowledge of cowls that I make...
I got to work.
In no time at all.... I had created a scarf that was a perfect ombre style that PINTEREST seems to be filled with. and I think I have a new accessory piece to wear this week.

stash busting cowl pattern

needles: size 8, 24'" circular needles
three colors of soft worsted weight yarn.... amounts unknown... we are using scraps her people!
with your lightest color ( color A)
CO 200 and connect in the round.
row 1-5~ Knit 2, Purl 2 in round ( you should be knitting your knits and purling your purls)
rows 11~ who knows..... Knit in the round until it measures 6 inches.
with your middle color (color B) continue knit in round until the color measures 4 inches.
with your final color (color C) continue knit in round until the color measures 3 1/2 inches.
next row ( your final 5 rows) Knit 2, Purl 2 in the round ( once again... knitting your knits and purling your purls.)
Bind off.
I am not a fan of taking my photo... but the hubby wouldn't wear the cowl for me....
your piece ends up being 14 inches wide and 48 inches around.  perfect to wrap around twice.
Ta~ Da.
simple. easy. and amazing to wear.

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  1. You don't have to pretend that it's not for me, I love it!