Sunday, January 12, 2014


Each New Year brings the idea of resolutions
As January began this time around I sat down and began to wonder
what will 2014 mean for me?

it means less.
less yelling.
less scolding.
less spending.
less talking.
less grumbling.
less rushing.
less complicated.

it means more.
more kisses.
more tickles.
more relishing of time together.
more compassion.
more listening.
more learning.
more calm.
more slowly.
more simple.

It means trying.
trying new recipes.
trying different directions.
trying creative ways.
trying to love deeper.
trying to stop more quickly.
trying to improve on.
trying to see it through someone elses eyes.
trying to rise earlier.
trying to move around more.

it means simply give.
simply give love.
simply give hope.
simply give care.
simply give grace.
simply give my being.

2014 will be a good year.
Happy New Year.

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