Thursday, May 1, 2014

PAUSE. Stillness. the waiting.

I cannot believe that it is already May 1st.
This school year is slowly coming to an end.
The sun is shining more than the clouds are rolling in.
Trips were made, visitors came and left, 
changes have come...
yet our lives have remained.

I have been very reflective these past few weeks....
maybe its the Spring, where things are rising, fresh, new.... ready to start growing.

Our lives have had a strange and exciting pause.
Life change seems to be ahead~ but yet.... timing is everything.
It has me scared and excited at the same time.
Tears of sadness have fallen.... as hope and gratefulness have sustained me.
I know you have missed me~ I have thought of you often...
but it has been in this pause of life,
this season of change,
that I have experienced a calm, a peace...
a simplicity.
It has me feeling closer to those here (even though I am not around)
as well as those near me.
Waiting is all part of the game in life~ 
and anticipation is the gain in that return!

I anticipate communion with you again.  soon.
my friend,
it will be soon.

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