Tuesday, September 2, 2014

things have changed.... REALLY.... CHANGED!

What  a whirlwind path this past year has taken my family on.  What started out with home schooling my oldest.... turned into experiencing mini strokes with my youngest, 6 months of extensive therapies and a whole changing world for us.

Early Spring my husband and I discussed maybe moving back to California, for help and support as well as being that to others in our family.  It was just a short and sweet discussion that was a thought.
well that thought soon got a ball rolling... a ball that turned into a boulder.
Just after that small talk together my husband was sent a curious email from a large company looking to employ someone in California.  He asked a few questions... talked to a few people.... and left it at that.  A long 4 months later we got a phone call asking us to consider working for this company.....
within 8 weeks of that call, we were packed, sold/ bought, and loading up our lives in Oregon, hugging our friends and heading down south to a town just a smidge (5 miles)  inland from the coast in North County San Diego.

As I type this I realize that we have lived here almost 5 weeks.
My boys started school 2 weeks ago.
I sweat daily, ALL DAY LONG!
We live near family.
We know no one.
and I am curious to see what this new change will bring.

My person is very different from the person of this area.
I dont wear make up.
I dont "work out".
I make almost all my cleaners and face products.
I dont work outside the home.
This is gonna be interesting.

and as I type this I realize the title of my blog.  MIDST, the living in the here and now.  The soaking in what comes my way.
and I smile.

I can do this.
We will do this.
And we will do this.... well.

So, my blog loving friends.... I am back.
I am the same....
yet, also... new.
stay with me as I start this new adventure....
maybe we will laugh, maybe we will even cry....
but I know we will smile...
we will do this together.

have you missed me?
I sure have missed you!

Welcome to Oceanside, California.
Our New Home.

Blue skies... and lots of sunshine.  Home at last.

listed the house in Oregon... and its sold the first weekend on the market.  Good bye lovely home....
onto a new adventure.

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