Friday, September 5, 2014


with a new move...come new sounds.
Where we live now the sounds are... so different.
the birds are different.  some are screechy.
we live near Camp Pendleton and
the booming of military training is... shall I say... interesting.
let me just say... I would truly hate to be in a city that was under attack.... with sounds of bombs and guns going off at all hours of the day and night.
the neighbors are closer... and I am sure we sound different.

one thing that I have noticed is that my sweet little family is a loud family.  We laugh loud,
we play loud, we yell loud.... its all just... LOUD.

the hardest thing to get use to is the sound of our doorbell.
honestly, the thing rings ALL DAY long.
When you move there is this gnome that runs around every alarm system, tree trimmer, and vacuum representative informing them of our arrival.  Then a squirrel prompts them of the most in opportune time  and encourages them to ring the doorbell.  I'm always either painting a wall, unpacking the heaviest box, or in the restroom...resting.
 DING. DONG. (wait a second) DING.DONG.
which, in turn, set my dogs off on a barking frenzy.
goodness gracious.
Finally I decided... I need to just put up a NO SOLICITING sign.
I kinda feel unfriendly with a sign like that.
I need to get things done without having distractions.
what if it is a neighbor kid selling cookies... I gotta have my thin mints.

but. but. but.
I found one.
its a free printable from Dorthy Sue and Millie B's too blog.
its cute.
its chalkboard.
its free,
and kinda fancy pantcy.

I printed it out and washi taped it to my front window....
crossed my fingers and I hope to get some rest from the doorbell and barking dogs.

*** UPDATE***  rest has occurred with the doorbell.... but the barking dogs still need to be reckoned with.... do they make a sign for that???

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  1. I was so happy to see your post in my feed this morning! SE and EW were just chatting about how they miss you guys :) Hope you're loving it down there...