Saturday, September 6, 2014

a new benefit

its not filled with trees,
its not filled with water,
Its not all green and colorful,
its not even chilly (yet?!?)....
but what it lacks in is nothing compared to this....
Photo: Hey kids...what do you want to do after school??? Ok, this looks good.

Friday after school I picked up the oldest boy and asked....
"hey guys, how about a quick trip to the beach?" (notice my PNW friends.... I didnt use the word coast).
we grabbed suits, slicked up with sunscreen, bagged three towels and some sand toys, and headed out.
the kids were out of school at 3:45... we were on the sand by 4:30.

there is a hurricane off the coast of Mexico this week,  so we  got the big waves and beautiful surf.
we enjoyed the moments for a few hours, came home and had us some dinner.
Just like that.
a quick, simple, and easy trip to the beach.
Wow, I could get use to this.
It was like magic for me to have such a great memory and have it not take all day, or weekend.

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