Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I dont know if many of you know this... but we bought this house almost sight unseen.  We came out to purchase a home... put in a bid.... that later fell through.  With the clock ticking we contemplated renting a home.  The hard part about renting was the packing, then unpacking, and the packing again.  The hardest part was going to be to get Bjorn settled, stir things up, and get Bjorn settled again.  Dealing with Bjorn's autism and processing times truly was the main reason for us not to rent.  (I will write more about how this move has affected him... but that will be later).

With the house that we originally wanted gone and our house closing soon... we needed to make a decision but didnt have enough funds to travel down again.  So we did the next best thing, with an iphone in hand, our sister and brother-in-law, alongside our Realtor, face-timed and walk through three homes.
This one was perfect.... it had some work that needed done, but we could handle it.

Now, here we are.... The first time I saw the house was the day we got the keys.  It was much bigger than I thought (which is a good thing... imagine it being small than you thought.... oh uggg!).  We now are having to figure out how the little ins and outs of this home work.  Many of the windows were broken ( they are so heavy the sides pull away from the glass),  the carpets were a disaster,  the dryer keeps over heating, the oven takes 25 minutes to heat from 100 to 110.... and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Dont get me wrong.... I love it.  Its the perfect home for us.  The things that are wrong are just things that we probably would have replaced in time anyways.  But the key word in that sentence is IN TIME.  not RIGHT NOW.

All this to say...
we have been spending a lot of time (and money) replacing cleaning, scrubbing and fixing things.  The first thing on the list was carpets.  and before the carpets were replaced we painted the bedrooms.  We waited 3 weeks for the carpets (so living out of boxes for a while... not my cup of tea!).  Finally they came, and the boxes were able to be unloaded.

NOW, painting.
My husband is a great painter.  He gets in.  Gets it done. ....and it looks perfect.
He did the 3 bedrooms and ceilings so I told him I would paint the kitchen and the family room.
I apparently am the opposite of my husband...

I suck!
We haven't figured out why....
but I am slow.
even slower.
and I never stay in one place.

I like to paint one spot.... like 3 times.
then move to another spot and paint that.... like 3 times.
I like to take breaks.
stop for a while.
and then  maybe take another break.

all this to say.
I have had a family room half painted for almost 2 weeks.
My hubby finished painting the kitchen after I decided I couldn't get behind the fridge or oven, and he was tired of seeing spots of orange pop out of the red.

I think my problem is I always see the cup half full.  I look at the painted walls and admire it, swoon over it.... I see it as, look at how much is done.  not once do I see it and think... "oh man, I need to finish".  This is this first time I may see a flaw in optimism.

Look at my work~ isn't it amazing!
I have two other spots just like this.
BTW~ I am painting over the dark sage with the light blue ( not the other way around).

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