Friday, September 12, 2014

all different plants

Coming from Oregon to a Southern California Coastal town is taking my head and flipping it upside down.  For 10 years I gardened, planted and nurtured green produce and plants out of Oregon.  I am here now, at what should have been my peak canning and harvesting season.... tooooo.... well, lets just say.... a lot of plants I have no idea what they are, not to mention no garden and no canning. ( I am beginning to hear the trio of violins play their ode to tif~ It kinda sounds like "Cry Me A River").

The weekend we moved here the hubs, who is a big fan of salsa, ran out and got a few tomato plants and a jalapeno plant.  It had been 5 weeks and we already have had two jalapenos and the toms are looking pretty good... its like a Speedy Gonzales growing thing.  The warmth and sunshine here has everything just booming.  

Alongside the crazy harvesting and veggies....
I have flowering plants.
Many I have no idea what they are.  Like NO CLUE!

My mom is a great gardener and so one day she took me out to a nursery place in Fallbrook.  This place is less than 12 miles from me.  It's out in the middle of nowhere.  A place that had me wishing I could stay for days and just lay by their ponds and let the sounds of wind chimes and water fountains lull me to sleep.  This place was a piece of heaven.  Honestly, the butterflies were swarming by the dozens everywhere you went. It is called MYRTLE CREEK BOTANICAL GARDENS.

Its plants, flowers, statues, art, music,  an old barn, farmhouse and a cafe.  The cafe was adorable.  My mom and I had lunch there and they put a little basket together, with my Arnold Palmer in a mason jar and a blanket to throw out and sit for a while, anywhere on the grounds.  I didnt want to leave.... but schools typically frown on parents not picking up their kids.

all this to say.... I still dont know what kind of plants I have.... but, I know of a great plant place to go and let your worries and stresses fade away.  Care to come with me next time?

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