Thursday, January 15, 2009

oppss! I have fallen....

it is true. i fell today. this wasnt just a "oh I lost my footing" type fall, it was a "oh crap there is ice on our entry, my feet slipped out from under me, completely on my leg and rip my pants, bleedy knee and thigh" fall. But that isnt the sorrow part of the story....
the sadness comes when I share that I was holding bjorn when i fell.
Bjorn's head hit the cement, bounced, and hit it again- REALLY HARD! he had no hands or anything to catch his fall. It was 9am, and we went right back into the house and called the Dr.
now, this has not been our first head hit fall, so I knew what to do, and what to watch out for. So, I just stayed home and watched.
Bjorn soon began to vomit- and I immediately freaked out- and made arrangements for Odin, patched up my bloody knee, splashed some water in my smelly hair and ran out the door. Making this adventure short... the vomit continued until 4pm... rushed to hospital for CT scan. sat in hospital for 4 hours, and Bjorn came out with a skull fracture over his right eye. Good news- his brain is not swelling nor bleeding. bad news- we have to watch for spinal fluid leaking, and pray that staph and meningitis remain at bay. That and no rough housing for a while.
From what everyone tells me- this happens to all moms of boys..... so i guess my turn has come and gone.... oh good.... because I dont think I could go through this again (the bummer is bjorn is my adventure child- so you know, he'll be a regular at the hospital).


  1. Oh Goodness! We'll be praying for your little guy!

  2. AAACK! How scary! Prayers for you. Now go take a nice warm bath and drink some tea.

  3. So moral of the story is, Bjorn can get skull fractures w/ no brain injury. Hockey player in the making.

  4. Your writings always bring a smile to my face and sometimes tears to my eyes. I love the way you tell such a sweet story about your family life.
    My prayers are with you and Bjorn, but being the mother of a now grown boy there is definitly more to come.
    Love ya, Dorothy

  5. oh, poor little guy! glad to hear he is (sorta) okay though. how are you doing though? i would have been freaking out of my mind! no boys for me!!!