Friday, January 22, 2010

project linus- blanket 1

I made a commitment to make two quilts for Project Linus, the Portland Chapter. These thoughts began to brew after we had a sweet little friend at Dornbecker this earlier this year. I saw firsthand how the hospital really focused on the children and in making them feel special and cared for.... so when I saw an option for "Give a day, Get a day" to work with Project Linus- I jumped at it.

I wanted to make the blankets with great pride and use my new skills, as well as use fabrics that I already had ( keeping with my Nothing New idea). I didn't want to just quickly whip up a fleece blanket and call it a go- I wanted to really apply my heart and soul into this commitment as an act of gratitude.

So here is a sneak peek at what my first blanket will look like.....
I hope to work on it today and tomorrow, get the top done and then apply the backings next week. The red, and baseball fabrics are from my personal stash... I purchased the brown and the blue dots- using a coupon, and 1/2 yard totaling a bit over $5.00.
I still have to purchase the batting....I am waiting for a coupon (part of the crafting guidelines in nothing new) but I am excited, thrilled and ready to sew!

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  1. Hi Tif - came over to say thank you after your kind well wishes last week! Love your blog - was particulary interested to see this post as I am just making my second Project Linus quilt for the local chapter here in Wales. Can't wait to see yours when its done! Isn't it a great charity?