Thursday, February 11, 2010

my ship came in!

or should I say my shipment.
I got a chunk of change for my bday- and began to tackle the long list of books that I wanted for our home library... as opposed to checking out books over and over from our local library. I am beginning to think they have red flagged some books from me checking out them out because I get them so often.
All of these are all titles that I have seen from our library.... except for two....
and just have loved them.

so, yes... my ship came in....
and this girl is a happy reader for a while.

if you ask how this fits into my nothing new..... it was a stretch. I first checked books that were used, but with the shipping costs they were about $2 more than buying new from amazon and the free shipping. so, yes these books are new. but if you think about it... I didn't buy them, someone else did (as a gift to me) and I did try and buy used ( in fact one is a used library book)..... is that a justification? or fair enough?


  1. man...all those books look so wonderful!

  2. Steph- the ARE wonderful!!!! the hardest part was figuring out which one to "play" with first.

  3. Animal, Veg, Mineral is a GREAT book and I have been wanting to read A Homemade Life. Happy reading...and crafting!

  4. That is my idea of heaven! I have 6 of them and have decided that as we share that much in taste I am going to amazon to check out the others! Have a lovely time reading them :D

  5. ok, must get urban gardener, maybe I can finish it before spring planting.