Sunday, February 6, 2011

what I spent my time doing....

~searching PetFinder.
it has become a bad addiction.... but we may have found a new friend to bring home....fingers crossed.
I wonder if it is only in Oregon that you have to fill out two long descriptive applications, be put into a pool, and wait 3-5 weeks to be selected as a family for a pound puppy???
If we do get selected- Odin has named her Cider! She is a yellow lab, Shepherd, husky mix... and full of sweetness!

~watching this....
if you didnt know- there was a football game on. One with supposed great commercials.
I thought they were all pretty lame except this one

~made some of theses.
Bacon Wrapped Stuffed JalapeƱos
~worked in the back- prepping for the new deck meant moving a planter filled with bulbs....

::look a transplant bulb parade::
the other cement blocks built up a new space for our ever-bearing raspberries. The old berry spot was filled with a fungus that ate my raspberry roots. bad fungus... bad.

~continued work on the baby sweater.... looking good.
just needs some sleeves and some character!

What did your weekend look like?

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