Saturday, September 10, 2011

heat= harvest

yep... we have veggies.
this past year with all the seedlings that were so well established.... I had to send some to my aunts property to grow there. My aunt has 140 acres.... fantastic soil.... and full sun. I gave her 5 tomato plants. cabbage plants (more later on that). 5 zucchini plants. a kabacha. and a sweet pumpkin and some other stuff.....
today we went out to the farm to see her and she literally filled our back seat with veggies.... Zucchinis so huge that they will make at least 7 loaves of bread. Cabbages so large that you can feed 20 people coleslaw (more later) with just one. I have so many pumpkins growing I think I can have my own harvest party with each child making a jack-o-lantern!

you get the picture!
things are big.... really really big.

see what I mean.


  1. SO JEALOUS!!! take pics of how you use these amazing veggies. Lucky girl.

  2. Too bad you don't live closer so you could have your own vegetable stand...and we could buy from you instead of Henry's :) I love seeing the church shirts on the boys!!

    Have a great week!