Wednesday, November 30, 2011

my swap gift

as I have mentioned previously...
I am a swapping kinda girl.

and last month I was part of a "mouse swap" to celebrate a fellow blogger's (and friend) blogiversary.....
Well, my package was well received....
and loved.

she tells me she wears the cowl all the time.... visit her blog... and you can see how perfect it is on her! Her blog is full of great color and ideas. You can't help but smile when you visit. I am so grateful to have made something for her~ and that she likes it!

so, I got her package.... this weekend. and yes... it was FULL of color~ and things that I LOVE!
look at these magnets- perfect for my cupcake and coffee fixes!
and this adorable little mouse- all dressed in red~ now sits above my kitchen sink... watching and waiting for some crumbs to grab! Every so often he squeaks out some helpful cooking hints....
of course, I wish he would make my kitchen "squeaky" clean.
this painted dish- holds all my stray pins...
(you know- the ones that dont make it back into the pin cushion!)
and I have framed one of the cards- already!!!
and this lovely whimsical flower pin~ looks fab on my cute denim jacket!

what a gift..... what a treat... a little smile in a box... sent from miles away, has made my day!
thanks a bunch.....


  1. I've been to her blog before, she is very creative. That mouse is cute!

  2. Oh! this is so sweet. I love that the little mouse is giving helping cooking tips. Too cute. I love seeing all your pictures here. Totally made my day!

  3. Another happy pair! What great gifts I can see why you are so pleased, Thank you so much for joining in and making the swap such a success :D