Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cider love

she is huge now a days..... but always seeking a human hand to love her, throw a ball for her, or hold her leash as she walks. Odin and her wrestle all the time~ and she is so obedient to Bjorn's commands......
she loves the attention.
she loves the fun.
she loves her family!
what a great little girl she is.... I think we love her too!
this picture was from when she was rescued.... and before we got her.
look at how small she is.... awwww!

the night we got her (look at O's smile... man, he was in heaven!)

Cider turned a year old this week.....
Happy Birthday sweet girl!
we love that long hanging tongue!

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  1. seeing kids with their dogs is on my favorite things, it warms my heart! Can't wait for our dog to have some kids to play with!