Friday, December 2, 2011

guilt crafting

there is nothing like a little guilt to get you started on a long overdue craft. two weeks ago I shared with you all about my scrapbooks... well, in the search of many books that are done I found out that Bjorn really has nothing. NOTHING! He has no birth book, no first birthday book.... nothing.
so, guilt has set in...
and I have been cutting, cropping, designing and writing all two week a book of Bjorn's first birthday.

It is finally done.... I had to spend close to 5 hours, one Monday, editing and ordering photos to costco (we had over 580 photos to choose from of just his first birthday)... I was proud to have it at 100 when I was done... and after scrapping- I brought it down to about 45.
Tuesday I organized the photos and sorted out my dusty papers collection (knowing full well I have way to much... and WAS NOT going to buy anymore for this book)
By the end of the third night I had 4 pages done.
five nights in~ I was able to add 8 more.
Weekends (even with a sick boy) I did an additional 5 more....
With a goal to have it done by December 1st.....
I can now say.... 28 pages... and

there is now a very pleased boy who has been reading it since he got home from school.
guilt sometimes can get you to do things... that in the end... were well worth it!

here are a few pages.....

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