Sunday, November 13, 2011

a little mouse.....

is gonna get swapped.
A fellow blogger friend, Ms. Mousy Brown had a Second Blogiversary and celebrated with a swap. This is my second swap with Emily....our blogs have created a kindred friendship between the two of us over the past two years. Of course~ I had to participate!

My SWAP is finished and already to go.....
my second swap partner (the first decided not to partake) Creative Kismet (Regina) is an amazing artist and photographer and I love reading her blog. I am so glad that I get to swap with her~her brightness is contagious!

she has a vibrant personality and loves color, butterflies, birds, flowers and all the happy things in life. I was excited to do this swap~ because with someone so whimsical and cheerful~ the possibilities are endless!
my mom, who is a creative card maker, made a little mouse with cheese card....
(little mouse as Vanna White~ displays the cuteness of the card)

and I knitted her one of my fun long cowls in a beautiful bamboo turquoise yarn

I also made a bright felt yellow flower pin to put on her bags, her coat... even the cowl.
I think little wintry mouse likes it!

I used this pattern for the felt mouse~ that she can put on her nightstand or use as an ornament for her holiday tree.

After little mouse was fed some gorgonzola and a cookie, he was packed up securely in his box and shipped safely off to the world of Creative Kismet.
May our little mouse be happy in his new life....
being swapped equals being twice as loved!

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  1. Oh what lovely gifts Tif! I am sure Regina will be delighted...Thank you so much for taking part, everyones enthusiasm really made my Celebrations special! xxx