Monday, April 9, 2012

What Saturday looked like.

the birthday boy waiting for guests to arrive
Birthday prep.  the rainbow theme... to the max!  I tried hard to keep things simple... and I thought I did.... but apparently, my friend thought I went to the brink of insanity. You know... sometimes... you just cant contain the magic in a rainbow!
front porch
rainbow sign....  for mr. B
gift bags
most pictures were replaced with some sort of rainbow theme poster
added a lot of the color for the day
rainbow garland made from variable cut circles and sewn together
easy peasy, quick and simple!
rainbow party snacks.
a bit if salty/a bit of sweet
the hardest thing of the party was the time it took to candy dip the cookies...
the rest fell together quickly.
boys in rainbow shirts
that was the prep.
The actual party was super relaxed and easy moving.  It was sunny out, and the grass was not as soaked... and the kids just frolicked in the sunshine that never happens this time of year.... we lucked out!

I had a T-shirt painting space.  When the kids entered they went straight to the table and put a hand print on a shirt for little B to wear (which was worn the next day~ he loved it so much!)

Next, the kids went to my hubby... who helped them make "rainbow fliers".... made from colorful flagging tape, rubber bands and zip ties.  after those were made- the kids were all in the backyard running, jumping, climbing and playing.  The men all grouped together by the food.... and us moms all talked together on the deck.  Really.... a perfect day!
birthday boy- with a rainbow flier

the best rainbow flier model...  Look at that flier go!



one of my faves!

Happy Birthday toooo You!
we then had cupcakes and gifts.  And it was time to go to SKY HIGH for an hour of jumping delight!

jumping high!
all smiles!
good friends!
Happy Birthday B!  May your seventh year... 
be colorful and bright~ just like you!