Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Sunday looked like.

Easter- started early with B... he was awake at 2am... and didnt fall back asleep until 6am.  So, needless to say... it was very zombie-like until about 10am.  We spent the day with friends~ brunch, egg hunt, wall ball, watching Masters (golfing), and an impromptu water fight (what can I say~ when the sun is out~ crazy things happen to us Oregonians).
the boys~ Easter 2012
the only time they wear matching outfits
it was the perfect day.  
the wall ball gang
not sure what an egg hunt means
 ready for the egg hunt

adults look on....
already digging in!
midway through the water fight- water balloons came out
look at how soaked O is, and the look on his face~ priceless
Bjorn was excited to just hold his balloon
(he's wearing his rainbow handprint shirt from yesterday... cute!)

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