Thursday, April 12, 2012


remember.... I started spring cleaning (day 1 and day 2).
well, it had been spring break, and the birthday party and Easter.... things got pushed back.... and we are now back into full swing SPRING CLEAN mode.

how many of you have a closet under your stairs?  how many of you use that space for a "catch all"... where it holds all the stuff for quick cleanups before company comes, postal boxes you don't know what to do with... and all those things kids bring home/ I can say I also hide things in there for other events or occasions.....
well, that is what I use my closet for ( I am confident~ I am not the only one!).... I rarely see the floor.

so the before photo.... didn't get taken... lets just say~ the piles of "stuff" went pretty high.
Ideally I would love this space to be used for wine, onion/potatoes, canning goods and table linen storage.
similar to these two photos (PINned,of course)

but this is what I did do.....( until my handy hubby can build me shelves!)
 cleared it out... (there is a floor!)

I made a spot for winter stuff ( those two brown fabric totes hold winter clothes, umbrellas, and blankets) so that when we are certain that winter is no longer with us... they will go up into the attic.... until next year.

I made a spot for the boys to hang backpacks, jackets and a reminder white board for me to write things for them to take to school.... today Bjorn had library and Odin had golf.
I hope this space can become more functional for us..... usable. accessible. a simple place for daily things.
can I cross my fingers on that???

now onto the guest room.

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