Monday, May 14, 2012

Stash Busting Mondays #2 (and giveaway winner)

so, Friday I was suppose to post a giveaway winner for my first Stash Busting Monday post.... and well, opppsies.... I forgot.
so without further adieu.... Drum roll please ( press play on below video... NOW!)

Out of a whopping two participants, I decided to have Odin flip a coin,
Kristin HEADS

and it was TAILS!
Chels... you are now the proud winner of some sock yarn!!!!
I will contact you promptly for all the needed info.

Now onto my #2 stash busting.This time I stash busted with fabric and I made these, much waited for, PJ pants for little B.  B loves the Eric Carle books...well, he loves books period.  But he enjoys the Hungry Caterpillar book A LOT!
we all knew a photo like this would happen!
 And so in September, last year, I bought some of the fabric to go with the story.... and it just sat there. and sat there. and sat there.

Until this weekend.
and now my B has some fun pj's to wear... and I have about an extra inch in my fabric storage.

my sleepy model


  1. They are just gorgeous! Fantastic stash busting...thanks for joining in with the fun :D

  2. Oh, yay!! I'm so excited :-) Thanks for stopping by the blog. Great job with the pajamas--they look awesome! I will send you my address right now. Have a blessed day :-)

  3. I love the hungry caterpillar ! Saw some of the same fabric last time I went to a wonderful fabric warehouse & was tempted, but my boys have moved on from that stage now. Should have bought it for me !