Saturday, February 9, 2013

with gratitude

on my FACEBOOK wall today I wrote::

It is with a grateful heart that I post today.  Through the pure fighting spirits and drive of many amazing people... I was able to see many of you care, love, and encourage in a way that I had never experienced firsthand before.  Whether you voted, shared the story, or rallied until the bitter end... you brought tears to my eyes, many times over, the past weeks.  With simple touches of love.  Outstretched arms of encouragement. and floods of inspiration.  Bjorn's story ( which is special to me), was shared and in-turn, gave many people tears, inspiration and hope.  Which if you knew Bjorn~ you know that he brings those things into my life each day that I get to be his mother.  So, thank you.  Thank you for clicking "LIKE" on a photo. Thank you for posting it on your wall.  His story was told to more than 3000 people... and my inbox was flooded with messages of pure love for him.  No matter what happens in his little life... he touched many~ because you shared!  Thank you!

to read the story about the contest I am giving thanks for click HERE

to see his winning photo click HERE

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