Friday, January 25, 2013

so I did a little something

that I NEVER do!!!
but, I saw the contest, and knew that maybe... I could shed some hope that we found in our lives.
This was a hope that we would have never expected...
a hope that was found in an animal.
an animal that is not really alive....
but... gave life....
to a boy who needed help.

You have read about bunny before.

but even with that said.... bunny goes everywhere with us.....
for proof see HERE

and is part of our everyday lives.
for proof see HERE

you see, Bunny (her full name is Bunny Bumpy), saved our lives.  As in the previous posts you read about his difficulty in sleep...  she not only helped him sleep.... but she became such a part of his life... that it was in the relationship with her, that we realized he could engage with others.  So we began to use Bunny as the gateway to him. We used her in Speech and Social therapy, Vision Therapy and in Occupational therapy all the time.... She started to help him in opening up, not only with us, but with others as well.  He didn't speak for a while... so we encouraged him to talk to bunny.  Then bunny would turn to us and whisper in my ear.  I would pretend that I couldn't hear bunny~ and so he would have to tell me.
We found if he could look at bunny, he could learn to look at others.  If he could be compassionate with bunny, he could learn to be compassionate with others. If bunny was with him.... he was more willing to experience the world.  If bunny was with him... he was more willing to allow the world experience him.
Bunny gave us language.
Bunny gave us nourishment. ( she was used to help him eat)
Bunny gave us touch.
Bunny gave us communication.
Bunny gave us connection.
Bunny gave us behavioral tools.

Bunny gave us.....OUR SON.

My son.... grew in ways that I never thought possible..... all because he loved a bunny.

so, I did a little something.....
I was told of this contest for PEOPLE.COM.....  its a silly little entry about "Tot's favorite Playthings" and I have this photo of B with Bunny Bumpy, that just melts my heart.... you just really see the tenderness that he has for her..... and I thought, well, I'm gonna just send it in.
this is the picture!
Well, they posted it.
And, well, Bunny now has an opportunity to have her story told.....
its based on "LIKES"
and if Bjorn and Bunny get the most "likes" they could be on the web site.
How great would it be to have their photo on the web....
but also, how beautiful would it be, if the story of a boy and his bunny was told.
How a child with autism.... through the simple gift of a bunny.... was able to connect with his world around him.
You see,
Bunny gave a boy HOPE.
Hope for a future. Hope for family. Hope for a life outside of his internal world.
So if you read my blog....
please take a moment and "LIKE" his photo.
and lets see if we can share the story of a boy and his bunny (I know a long shot....)
Click here.... to visit PEOPLE.COM and vote for my boy and his bunny.
if you have other social medias.... please share his story... and lets see how many LIKES he can get.

and tomorrow... I promise I will be back to my normal programming.....