Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the Closet

Remember my ramblings about my downstairs closet...under the stairs....
I had PINned some ideas, and thought of a few of my own...
but with a space so narrow, and odd... I didnt quite know what to expect.
I stated my ideas, showed the hubby the plans... and waited as he began to prep his mind for this task (as the  chore was put on the honey-do list... along with many other things)

Early this month I emptied it out.
Painted it.
and gave my hubby a week to work his magic.

magic was performed.
one side is perfect for wine bottle,
root veggies,
and baskets of "what nots"
and the other side fits multiple rows of mason jars of all sizes... 
ready for years to come of canning goods.
oooo....canning space!

I added some chicken silhouettes on the door...
and kept the jacket/backpack hooks.
here chickie!

"Oh goodness me!"  the space is amazing.  It has given so much more room in my kitchen~ I LOVE IT!
dont you?

so, what have you PINned lately?.... and do you like it?

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the change, Tif! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the chickens :) Wish we lived closer and we could can together and make the kitchen sauna worth it :)