Wednesday, October 2, 2013


we have encouraged our kids to actively live....
sports, music, writing, cooking....
you name it...
if there is an interest~ we bring the experience.

Both boys have loved ice skating.
Big brother did roller hockey for awhile...but has turned his interests down other avenues.
The youngest brother has been determined to play hockey, on a team, for almost 2 years.
He had to complete three skating classes, and two skills classes before they gave him the go ahead to try out for a team.  All summer he waited. He talked about it.... and waited.

The season is a very demanding schedule.
The season is also very long.
But he was determined to get on a team.

Finally, the day came.
He got into his gear....
and he put his little body out onto the ice with all the other kids.
and there he was... right in the middle of it all.
It was loud.
It was crazy.
It was fast moving.
and there he was... right in the middle of it all.
When we asked him, the night before, if he was nervous.  He said "kinda.  I'm afraid I wont remember all the moves coach taught me."
and there he was.... right in the middle of it all.
I can tell you, as a mom who longs to see her child grow and push through life.... This boy took it on.... without fear... without pause... right there in the middle of it all.

It looks like I am a hockey mom.

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