Thursday, October 30, 2014


tis the season of thread, felt and creativity as Halloween fast approaches.

the little wanted to be a pumpkin this year.... imagine how thrilled I was that even as a 9 year old he still wants to be something fun, cute and easy to make (of course we all remember the year when he wanted to be Mt. Vesuvius).  I had the costume all cut and ready to sew when I asked him to draw the face he wanted for it.  problem #1... BIG MISTAKE.
he drew this super elaborate face and was set on it being so.
the eyes were easy.
the nose was easier.
the eyebrows... well, he needed eyebrows.
but that  mouth.

I went through felt section after felt section trying to perfect the "super scary" mouth.  It was never up to the standards of the costume wearer.... so, in the spirit of giving....
I gave him a chalk pen, some scissors, and a square of felt.

his first drawing, first image, and first cut.  He was done.  But, most importantly, he was happy.

In closing I have to add a conversation we had today walking to school.
mom: " B, you get to wear your costume to school on Friday.  Would you like that?"
B: "oh no mom.  I can't do that."
mom: " yes you can.... its OK with the school."
B; " oh no mom.  It is a way to scary costume for school.  All of the little kids will not want to see something scary."

oh, how cute is he.  He thinks his costume is a scary costume.  I don't have a heart to tell him how adorable he looks.  Pictures will be posted over the weekend.... we don't want you to be too scared!

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  1. That's my favorite costume story of the year! My darling decided to be Glinda the Good Witch of the North and I ended up ordering her costume. It's the first one I haven't made. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I couldn't have made the dress for the same price especially when you consider that I am a super slow seamstress and would have to start over at least once. Hug your scary pumpkin from this perfect stranger and please tell him I think he's the best (at being terrifying of course)!