Saturday, October 11, 2014


I lost a dear, longstanding, and wonderful best friend this week.
I began to really wonder if the tears would ever stop falling....
I would be in a deep sleep and wake with tears...
I would be in the middle of something and they would fall again.
Grief is a strange thing.

my friend was one of those true friends... 
you know that type of person who no matter how far apart you were... 
nothing changed.
our lives were weaved together (actually, knit together... because she taught me to knit)
our lives were knit together over 15 years ago.
She was beside me in so many life changes.
oh how I loved her.
I loved her ability to always think ahead.
I loved how she always knew the right answer ( we won may board games that way!)
I loved how she laughed at all the stupid things.
I loved how she always knew what was needed.
She was a treasured friend who always thought of others, no matter what.
She knew how to throw a party.
She knew how to reach anyone.
oh, man... she knew how to cook!  
She gave the best hugs!!!

You will always be near me,
and I will always remember you.
You were gone to soon,
and your story was beautifully made.
May I always share your spark, your heart, your being, to those around me.
I was honored to witness your marriage.  I was blessed to see your babies.  
I will always be grateful to have called you  my best friend.
11.13.80  - 10.6.14

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  1. I'm so sorry Tif! I had no idea!!!!!! Love you. xoxo